The Emotions Box — A Current Theme in my Intuitive Readings

Coming through in so many recent Intuitive Readings is the guidance that it is time to take charge of all of our emotions, all parts of ourselves, and act from our biggest self instead.

To give them a new place to be, I started an Emotions Box this New Year.

We tend to react to our emotions and develop our own habits of reaction, without ever considering they are just one input.

To become into our biggest self and observe all the different parts within us is the first step to taking charge of ourselves, our emotions in particular.

Becoming the observer gives us a bit of separation and a beat to choose a different reaction. In that pause, we can simply wonder at ourselves.

No need to quiet or shut down the voices, the ideas, the emotions, any and all various parts of ourselves. We can listen to them all. Acknowledgment is so powerful!

And! We can use that pause to consider from which part of ourselves we would to react or make a decision, instead of following our habitual pattern.

When an emotion or reaction arises, I can put it in my box, where it will be safely and fully contained and accepted while I process through it.

This gives me clarity and space to make better choices for myself.

It creates support, acceptance and love for us as we shift instead of more disconnection, discord and competition.

Openness instead of closed-ness.

Here’s to our greater connection with ourselves and with each other!



I love looking at this sparkly little box! It adds to the pleasure and ease of this process. The angel reminds me of support: I am giving and receiving support to myself and others. We all need support at some point. We are in this together. 


I am putting it all inside the box - from anger to grief to joy. They all have a safe place to be. Crystals support my energy so I put an ocean jasper pendant in the box as well. It offers energies of grounding, joy, and taking responsibility for oneself. 

Kathryn DeBra