Katy ready to read … Intuitive readings via tarot cards at an event.

Katy ready to read … Intuitive readings via tarot cards at an event.

It is my wish to add air under your wings, spring in your step, color in your life, and to inspire you to be your most courageous and creative self. There is only one You! And it is your time to shine.… 

Celebrating, uplifting, helping others feel better, feel more color, and see more possibilities is the one result I deliver in 20 methods.

Over 20 years as a creative professional leads me on a fascinating journey to all that I am today: artist, designer, intuitive, energizer.

I love and enjoy all these artforms! All aspects of my work intertwine. My niche is joy. ;o)

I endeavor, now more than ever, to live life as an adventure. To be open, curious, kind, present and helpful, as a way of being and doing. To share my uplifting energy as joyfully and effectively as possible.

It all started with painting murals and commission paintings. Designing murals and seeing people’s visions of what they wanted reignited my Intuition and opened the door to my intuitive and energetic healing work. I have become a Reiki Master (Usui /Holy Fire lineage.) That blends beautifully with my own brand of sparkles and moving energy, through intuitive readings, intuitive art or henna readings, and Reiki sessions.

In 2003 I discovered henna and started doing it at events to supplement my mural business. Little did I know my lifelong doodles coincided with a fascinating 10,000+ year, international tradition of adornment, ritual and celebration that is henna, which refers both to the plant and to designs made from the plant paste. Henna led to face painting and freehand glitter tattoos, jagua, waterproof body paints, and glittery endeavors like glitter eyeliner & lashes, at private events and by appointment. Body art warms my heart and lights up the imaginations of the guests. True celebration!

Graphic design and logo design have come into play mainly in the last 10 years - another arena for creating your vision. Creating so much body art continues to hone and improve my graphic skills.

When I am not creating, I enjoy flying (as a passenger), cuddles with Miss Mini the blind wonder dog, home improvements, trees, photography, nature, yoga, and living a healthful lifestyle.

My favorite quote: “There is no such thing as a happy ending to an unhappy journey.” - Abraham.

Step by step, day by day, we create. What are you creating today?