Services for your wellness and insight :

Intuitive Readings by appointment (by phone or in person)

Intuitive Henna Reading (in person only)

Intuitive Art Reading (remotely or in person)

Reiki Energy Healing and Energizing (remotely or in person)


Katy DeBra, Cultivate Harmony Inside and Out, with her unique combination of Intuitive Services. See new possibilities, feel clarity and relief, relax and let go. Recalibrate to Joy. For your wellness and insight, Katy combines intuitive information, Reiki Energy healing and henna or glitter body art.


Nikki Rand Intuitive Henna Reading done 12:16 2 years later.png

Intuitive Henna Reading

An Intuitive Henna Reading for Nikki Rand, now priestess and Reiki practitioner, two years later. This art came through in December 2016, and she just reposted the memory here in December 2018. Clearly, she is a gem.