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Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Energy Readings 



Ace of Fire Tarot cardDuring readings, we'll delve into The Mysteries and emerge in Clarity and Joy. We call in all Spiritual Guides to assist in matters of the heart, soul, career and pocketbook. The natural focus is on being positive and uplifting regardless of subject matter. We see your gifts and your challenges.



Part of my gift is to help people feel better. After almost every reading, folks feel inspired, clear and refreshed, see in a new way, and receive practical actions to follow. We go fun and deep.



To feel better is to move energy, come into a new space of understanding and awareness, and release judgments. It is not to gloss over problems or emotions by putting a happy face on them. We can best honor the information that comes through by being present in our hearts with it.



New Vision Tarot cardFor twelve years I have done short readings at private events as well as private sessions. At events, I use many methods or tools to connect with people: tarot or oracle cards, palmistry, psychometry (objects, such as purses or wallets,) lip imprints, handwriting analysis, and intuition. There I have perfected the art of conducting meaningful information in a short period of time. I call in sweet packets of guidance for each guest so that many may be delighted in a single event.



In private sessions, I mainly use intuition and as called, may add in Reiki healing energy or combine it with intuitive temporary body art--a "tattoo with intention" as I like to call them. During a private appointment in person or by phone or Skype, we have more time to address complex or perplexing issues.



As a certified Reiki Master and professional artist, the intuitive, healer and artist constantly weave and dance together. I am so blessed to live this adventure.



Vision Weaves

A vision weave combines an intuitive energy reading, Reiki or other energy healing as needed, and culminates with the creation of an art piece: body art with intention, a drawing or painting up to 11 x 14" in size, sometimes even a logo, a web banner or background, depending on what your needs and desires are. 

Vision Weaves can assist you to create a path forward, anchor in an intention for it, and engage all of our different aspects of body, heart, mind and soul. 


Intuitive Energy Readings

If you have specific questions, and/or need to navigate a complex problem (such as a relationship issue, career change, or engaging your gifts and purpose,) then a reading can create clarity, confidence and empowerment,  They can assist you to integrate many forms of information, help you to trust your own intuition more, receive affirmation, and to plan concrete action steps and priorities. 

Readings are available in packages or by single session. 


Reiki Healing Sessions

Reiki is a source of Universal Healing Light Energy that is gentle yet powerful. I like to say that it "meets you where you are". It is performed in person or remotely and can be administered to people, animals, land and even objects. It addresses physical, mental, emotional and spiritual "ailments" and pain. It can be administered with talking or no talking. 

Katy is certified as a Reiki Master Teacher (4th level) in Usui / Holy Fire. Reiki practitioners receive attunements in the levels 1 - 4. 



Lotus motif by Katy

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Let's Connect!


"ahh - you are refreshing my soul Katy DeBra."

- Francey Marzicola



Katy was AWESOME!!!!!

Everyone, kids, adults (my friend just walked into the office proudly displaying his horse tat) loved her.

Thanks again.




And even moreso now that I've left my obsidian behind! Katy, you gave me just the right reflection at just the right time. Thank you so much for everything you do and are.

- Erin Busby



So IN on the glitter ART! And by the way anyone thinking about taking Katy up on her Vision Weave...DO IT! The session I had from Katy was incredible. She helped me massively though my move. Deeply intuitive and healing I am so grateful that I had Katy to help me traverse the void. Such a powerful lady! ♥

- Chloe Bradbury-Rutherford



My session with Katy was like receiving permission to be the person I've secretly longed to be, but I didn't know was possible. She tapped into my essence and brought clarity to things I wasn't able to perceive completely. Honestly, it was the best "reading" experience I've ever had. But it was much more than a reading, it as a co-creative dive into clarity and my truth. Every word she spoke was like a love letter from my soul to me. The entire session was like one giant life purpose activation where I realized I've been on the right track all along and everything IS okay. She even gave me steps to take now to get things moving for me! I now have the confidence to live my dream life. Katy's open heart and connection to the divine was such a treat to experience. I would LOVE to work with Katy again.

- Cherie Lawrence